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I owned both UHF & 27 meg radios up until about 6 or 7 years ago and wondered if there is still good contacts to be made on SSB?

I know I could look at amateur radio but I don't rally want the expense or hassle that can go along with this. I still have a President Washington packed away somewhere, it was one that had the extra channells and sliders put in it.

No external mods, the radio now displays 1-80 instead of 1-40.

Rather ironic that people went UHF for the same reason, to get away from the idiots on 27 mhz and for the novelty of using repeaters & clearer sound.

I know people who have Double DXCC for 27MHz and one person who was working on a 27MHz AM DXCC.

Back in the 90's he had about 50 QSL cards for 5W AM CB.

UHF CB and basic 27Mhz simply lacks worthwhile range.I don't want to invest in equipment if all I am going to get is the odd bit of skip from USA.I would like to have some great contacts in Australia & NZ hence why thread to gauge if people still use side band. it is the unpredictability and the difficulty of making contacts that makes the hobby.I have googled and really cannot find any clubs still operating. I still feel that there is a place for the old CB radio and hence my question if anyone still uses it.I still have a uniden pc122 but haven't used it for years and years and years. I suspect that there would probably still be the old hardcore CBers left and people like me who were once into it looking at a revive. I wonder if they have changed frequencies or are still operating on 27mhz.? I couldnt imagine the good old boys getting forced off anything.

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