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The data we hold is kept for 12 months and then securely archived for a further five years in accordance with legal requirements and THT policy.It’s important that you read the information on this page before you apply – as well as our terms and conditions for the service.You can create 15 second videos miming along to songs, performing comedy, dance or creating music videos.lets you share videos with friends or anyone online. Snapchat lets you send a photo, video or message to friends.And let them know what they can do to protect themselves online.Talk to your child about being share aware and why they shouldn't give out any personal information.Your details will not be passed on to anyone outside Terrence Higgins Trust without your permission.

After you initial assessment, ask your advisor to be added to their Whats App contacts list.Many young people use video chat to keep in touch with friends and family.Sites and apps such as Skype, oo Voo or Omegle let the user have live face-to-face conversations through a webcam, either with one person or a group of people. Apps such as and You Tube let you create and upload short videos.You can find out how Terrence Higgins Trust protects your privacy and confidentiality in general on our Privacy page.What you talk about in your advice sessions is treated as confidential.

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