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Providencers are proud of their small city—they love that everyone knows everyone.It makes them more caring, genuine individuals who are great partners in relationships.

but it doesn’t hurt that everyone in Providence either has a beach house or knows someone who does.

According to Travel and Leisure’s national survey, Providence ranked No. If you’re dating someone from Providence, you’ll never be bored.

With Brown and RISD right in the heart of the city, and with so many young professionals and aspiring artists and musicians, Providence is constantly alive with action and people here are always up for anything.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that even as simple as grabbing a beer here means having a Narragansett, aka the best beer, You’ll never need to make a playlist again when you’re dating someone from Providence.

With such a huge music and DJ scene, dating someone from Providence means you will have a partner who will constantly be playing the soundtrack to your life for you.

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