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In different Zodangan forms, Shang explains to Carter the Therns' purpose, how they manipulate the civilizations of various planets into self-destruction.He also reveals Than's secret plan to kill Dejah once he marries her and to destroy Helium and rule Barsoom, so completing the course the Therns have set for the planet.The three are sentenced to death according to the Thark code, but are helped to escape by Tarkas, who reveals to Carter that Sola is his daughter.Hajus and Sarkoja find the prisoners gone, and the ambitious Hajus declares that Tarkas has betrayed them.Sab Than, who wants to conquer all Barsoom, is armed with a special and highly destructive weapon given him by three Therns in the midst of a ship-to-ship close quarters combat, which the weapon ends by annihilating all the other participants.Than he proposes a cease-fire with Helium and an end to the war, sealed by marriage to Mors' daughter, the Princess of Helium Dejah Thoris.Folks are going to know how you respond, or whether you respond at all.

The attorney executing the will hands Burroughs Carter's journal, which he reads, hoping to find clues about Carter's death and the reason he is the willed heir. While prospecting in the Arizona Territory in 1868, just after the Civil War, Carter is arrested by Union Colonel Powell, who seeks his help in fighting the Apache and insists that Carter owes it to his country (in short; attempted illegal conscription).The unwilling Princess, disguised as a soldier, escapes in a Helium ship.As Tarkas tries to get Carter to show off his jumping abilities, a Thark sentry spots a ship from Helium and another from Zodanga, and the Tharks scatter to hide.Shang also reveals that he and the Therns had been doing this for millions of years, and implies that Earth is their next target.Carter escapes thanks to Woola, and he and Sola return to the Tharks to request their help. Tarkas, Carter, and Sola are thrown into an arena to be killed by two enormous four-armed Great White Apes.

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