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But empty praise keeps kids from find meaning in their efforts.

Acknowledging when they've worked hard will go farther, said Lynn Zakeri, a mother and clinical therapist.

Kathy Walsh, parenting expert, meditation coach and founder of Joyohboy, said teaching children to reframe negative events will serve them well the rest of their lives.Telling a child that they are kind is a powerful way to help them grow into an emotionally healthy adult who internalizes that idea.And encouraging them to be kind to themselves will result in them being kind to others. John De Garmo, one of the leading experts in parenting and foster care said in order to get respect you have to give respect.And don't ask with your cell phone in your hand or your laptop open. Allowing children the opportunity to fail is one of the greatest gifts parents can give.Solving small childhood problems prepares children for the bigger problems they'll face as adults.

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