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This will make you think of Instagram totally differently. Or they get free clothes or accessories and “pay” by posting a photo that looks natural. And while it’s fine to do endorsements for money (that’s basically like modeling! Took over 50 shots until I got one I thought you might like, then I edited this one selfie for ages on several apps- just so I could feel some social approval from you." THERE IS NOTHING REAL ABOUT THIS. I took so many pictures of this bowl that by the time I ate it, it was cold. She said she forced her brother and sister to spend 10 minutes taking this photo before she deemed it perfect enough for Instagram. She also admitted that she tried to make it look candid when it was posed.

), it’s not okay to act like that’s just your life when it’s not. #celebrityconstruct A photo posted by Social Media Is Not Real Life (@essenaoneill) on You know those beautiful selfies you see online where the blogger looks incredibly gorgeous and it seems like they just took a quick shot before going on with their fabulous lives? Everyone takes a ton of selfies before painstakingly going through them to find the one they like best. It’s a running joke with my sister and friends that I have hundreds of selfies on my camera roll because I take tons before I post. Happiness based on aesthetics will suffocate your potential here on earth. Maths B and English in the sun – edit: see how relatable my captions were stomach sucked in, strategic pose, pushed up boobs. I did not wear this outfit out of the house, just for the photo. Who hasn’t twisted themselves into a weird position for a picture?!

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A photo posted by Social Media Is Not Real Life (@essenaoneill) on One thing Insta celebs are famous for? These “candid” shots make it look like this blogger is ALWAYS having more fun than you. A lot of bloggers get clothes, have to photograph them, and end up getting all done up JUST for an Instagram photo. Always act like you’re having the best time no matter what. I thought I was helping young girls get fit and healthy. With my following now I could make 00AUD a post EASY.

An Instagram celebrity, in case you were wondering, is someone with a large following who posts a lot of aspirational pictures of their #ootd, their makeup, their fabulous vacations, gorgeous candid photos, cute relationship photos, beautiful home decor shots, and more.

Elsa And Barbie are best friends and they decided to go on a super fun dating adventure together, and what could b... This mysterious Mr wants only a date, a dance, a romance.

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User Essena O’Neill, an 18-year-old from Australia, is sick of the false facades she and other Insta stars have been putting up.

She is so sick of it that she’s speaking out, editing all of her captions to be more truthful, and deleting images. This photo had no substance, it was not of ethical manufacturing (I was uneducated at the time). Be aware what people promote, ask yourself, what's their intention behind the photo?

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