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Galloway what stood out to me was a carefully planned community strategy of local inclusivity, particularly the Community Advisory Forum.

the establishment of the Friends of South Asia; more than 60 public programs showcased; more than million fundraised; the establishment of a permanent foundation gallery and an endowment for the curatorship of South Asian civilizations.

This overt stereotyping and this representation was broadcasting at its worst and it took a peaceful but powerful Chinese-community-led protest, joined by various other ethno-cultural groups, community leaders and unions, and the CRTC's intervention to finally wrestle a public apology from that broadcaster.

Canadian National Council, a human rights group that I founded shortly after this incident it that continues today, 20 years later, with 29 chapters from coast to coast which promote equality among all Canadians.

When Elizabeth Liu, a six-year-old girl suffering from aplastic anemia, a rare blood disorder, was desperately searching for a suitable bone marrow donor, Torstar was there; not with a small six lines in a corner column, but weeks and months of in-depth coverage.

And equally important it would take a strong and dedicated leader with impeccable integrity and business acumen, a leader who is deeply rooted in community and truly cares about access and opportunity for all.Currently we have over 260 students in our television program, and if you add in 110 broadcast journalism students, we have over 370 media students that would be available to work on these productions.But it was fortunate for me because I went to the Globe and Mail where I got a job and married a man on the Globe and Mail and 50 years later the two of us were back at the Globe and Mail with columns, and we intend to go back to the Globe every 50 years.Afin de rencontrer les exigences de la Loi sur les langues officielles, les procès-verbaux pour le Conseil seront bilingues en ce qui a trait à la page couverture, la liste des membres et du personnel du CRTC participant à l'audience publique ainsi que la table des matières.Toutefois, la publication susmentionnée est un compte rendu textuel des délibérations et, en tant que tel, est enregistrée et transcrite dans l'une ou l'autre des deux langues officielles, compte tenu de la langue utilisée par le participant à l'audience publique.

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