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What if the next time a guy asks me what my favourite position is I ask him how big of a diamond he is going to buy me? when I stop the conversation and tell these guys that I am not willing to go there and that I am not that kind of girl THEY get offended and ask me “Why so serious all of a sudden? I know who I am, I know what I want, I know my value and I know that I am worth it. Or the next time a guy asks if I am passionate and if I like to have sex frequently I ask him if he is willing to continuously shower me with gifts and extravagance. ” And people have the audacity to ask me why I am single… I am single because I refuse to play this ridiculous game and lower myself to the same standard that everyone seems to be dating at. they it is up to you to show me that YOU are worth it. I cannot believe how many time I have started a conversation with a man who seems to be of some substance and is looking for something of value when before I even know what he does for a living he is bringing up sex.

When writing, Stephanie draws upon her own life experiences to create compelling and insightful stories and articles. Fun is falling in love with someone who deserves you. I know that ultimately this is what all of you men crave… Fun is feeling safe in allowing another person to see your vulnerability. Charlotte Di Luzio is a social media blogger, single mom and well versed in the pitfalls of today's dating world.She writes from the unique perspective of having experienced it first hand.

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Imagine if the next time a guy asks me for a picture of my boobs or ass I ask him for an image of his bank statement. “It’s not issue that I have, it’s called VALUES and based on our recent exchange, I wouldn’t expect you to understand that! ” they say, “So let’s just start by having a little fun and see where it goes then!

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