Christian men dating non christian

CDD is not a "magic pill", and this website does not claim CDD will prevent all marital rows.

It is simply a tool, one method which many couples round the world feel is quite effective in strengthening their marriages, and improving the quality of their relationship.

This site is not the typical "spanking" site prevalent on the web.

This site focuses mainly upon improving marital relationships by sharing the guidelines and marital roles listed in God's Word.

The traditional male-led Christian marriage has been practised throughout history and is still practised in many parts of the world today.

Strong's Concordance says, "literally or figuratively "metamorphose".

Domestic Discipline was a widely accepted premise, oft seen in films at the cinema and programmes on the telly. If you prefer not to utilise "modern, popular culture" as a guide, consider that DD also has quite a long history as a common literary theme, dating back hundreds of years, from several cultures worldwide.

We care not for censorship; rather, we prefer to provide various points of view regarding CDD.

reckless driving, disobeying doctor's orders, etc]). Some CDD marriages also use non-corporal disciplines, such as writing lines, or the temporary forfeiture of a favourite privilege.

Again, every marriage is unique, and CDD is much more than just corporal punishment or spanking.

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This website is intended to provide a refuge for those interested in a Christian Domestic Discipline marriage.

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