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lccp_trn_no=Train Number&lccp_day=Day Number&lccp_month=Month Number&lccp_year=Year&lccp_srcdest=Station Code •Paste the above Copied Web Address (URL) on the Address Bar of your web browser window.

•Change Train Number to Train Number you wanted to look status for.

•Now, press the ENTER key as the Shortcut Web Address (URL) for running train status for your desired train is now ready to retrieve train running information page on your internet browser.

•Example(for Second Shortcut Trick of Live Train Running Information): Suppose you want to know online running train status of train number 12368 (VIKRAMSHILA EXPRESS) starting on from ANAND VIHAR TERMINAL then you have to use the following URL in your browsers address bar to get instant result webpage of train running information by Train Enquiry website:

•Change Day Number, Month Number and Year as per the date you want to look for: date 24/02/2011: Day Number=24, Month Number=2 and Year=2011 date 04/02/2011: Day Number=4, Month Number=2 and Year=2011 date 02/10/2011: Day Number=2, Month Number=10 and Year=2011 date 07/09/2011: Day Number=7, Month Number=9 and Year=2011 •Change Station Code to Station Code through which the train may travel (pass).PNR number is usually printed at the top left corner of the tickets that are available at the railway station booking window.In case of the E - Ticket, the PNR number is mentioned at top in a separate cell. Other websites PNR status and railway reservations explained step by step : Once all available seats on a train are sold, the Indian railway releases RACs for railway reservations.Running Train Timetable Enquiry Help Line Train Enquiry help line telephone numbers are 139, 131, 1330, 1332, 1335, etc.But now gone are the days when Indian railways rail passengers used to make telephone calls for knowing information about trains through railway enquiry helpline phone numbers such as 139, 131, 1330, 1332, 1335, etc.

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